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            800L liquid ammonia rubber apron

            ** bottle rubber ring, liquid ammonia bottle apron, specification DN600-800.800** bottle rubber ring, also known as tonnage ** bottle protection ring, ** bottle damping rubber ring. Apron specifications DN800-900-45-50-7.5 kg / piece, DN800-900-50-45-6.7 kg / piece, DN800-910-60-50-12 kg / piece; DN600 cylinder apron, 4 kg / , 40x30 specifications. Shock absorption and compression to protect the bottle body, ensuring transportation and production safety. ** bottle rubber ring, the same specification, quality and price linked, the better the quality, the more expensive. ** Bottle rubber ring is to prevent the damage caused by the impact of the cylinder to cause leakage. It should avoid using the rubber ring when the tire is used to roll the bottle on the ground, and the operation is normal, so as not to affect the service life of the rubber bottle.

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