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            Methanol Methanol is flammable, its vapor forms a mixture with air, and methanol completely burns to produce carbon dioxide and water vapor, while releasing heat. Equation: CH3OH + O2CO2 + H2O Industrial process and reserve industry and hydrogen gas mixture (syngas) under certain conditions to prepare methanol.   

            Methanol can be used as a solvent and fuel, and is also a chemical raw material used primarily for the production of formaldehyde. In the methanol molecule, the carbon atom is bonded by the sp3 hybrid orbital, and the oxygen atom is bonded to the sp3 hybrid orbital to form a polar molecule. The main parameters are as follows: Proportion filling model of methanol IUPACProduct name Methanol CAS No. 67-56-1 RTECS No. PC1400000 SMILES CO Chemical formula CH3OH Molar mass 32.04 g/mol Appearance Colorless liquid density 0.7918 g/cm3 Melting point –97 (176K) 

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