About Us

The Wilde Collection is a one-of-a-kind shop for those who seek something out of the ordinary. We are different than most oddity/curiosity shops in that our aim is not to shock and disgust but rather to inspire conference by instilling a sense of wonder. Like the Victorians, we strive to create an environment with an obscure aesthetic that is elegant, avant-garde, mysterious, eccentric and just a little eerie. It is a place where the ghosts of Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe would feel at home.

We offer a rare shopping experience where you can purchase anything from unusual and bizarre art, artifacts from around the world, as well as peruse our fascinating collection of items believed to have a haunted history.

Our goal is to show how the odd can be a thing of beauty and add an unexpected, eclectic surprise to any décor. You will see how an exotic or distinct item can be a lively conversation piece. Our collection will show the romance of something thought to be morbid and how a peculiar and mysterious object can jolt your senses in ways that the regular or common never could.

The Wilde Collection is a place where the religious, the occult, the divine and the grotesque converge.

Wilde Bedroom