The Restless Doll

Across from Calgary Cemetery in Galveston Texas sat an old house in need of repair. The old home, with its flacking light blue paint and boarded windows, has been said to be haunted for decades. One room in particular seemed to be the epicenter of the ghostly phenomena.  The room itself was ideal for use as a nursery because of its size and location. While not every family who inhabited the home used it for that purpose, each reported items falling from shelves and the faint sound of a child wailing in the night. Each family that inhabited the home would say that they heard objects falling from the shelves and the faint sound of a child wailing in the night. The house sat empty for years until its current residents bought the home in spite of these eerie stories. They simply dismissed them as fanciful folk tales to sell historical Galveston real estate.

The couple started renovations in February 2016. After fixing the downstairs, they began working upstairs by replacing the badly damaged hardwood floors in the small room. When they removed the flooring underneath the window area where a crib may have been, they were surprised and perplexed to find this doll looking up at them, smiling as if thankful to have finally been released. .

The doll was brought to us exactly as you see her. You will notice that the arms and legs are cracked and melted perhaps due to extreme temperatures that are thought to occur during paranormal activity. After decades of being encased under the floor boards, and in order to show the child spirit long awaited comfort and respect, artist Lawyer B Douglas II made this art piece as a final resting place using the antique lace curtains that once hung in the haunted nursery.