“I Have Come For My Mother”.

Sometimes, it is not the items themselves that are haunted but, their mere presence may cause ghostly activity to surround the premises where they reside.

This is the portrait of Mrs. Francis Thorne which, until recently, hung in the living room of her only son John for years; even before he married Helen over fifty years ago. Although Francis Thorne was not alive when her son married, Helen couldn’t help but feel unease at the judgmental and disapproving stare coming from the oval portrait of her deceased mother-in-law. Soon after her marriage to John, Helen claimed to be visited by the late Mrs. Francis Thorne in her dreams telling the new Mrs. Thorne that she would never take her place. Sometimes, she even insisted that she heard a voice exclaiming the same thing. Helen constantly tried to convince her husband, with no success, to get rid of it.

One evening, after closing, we heard the doorbell ring. Outside stood a couple who introduced themselves as John and Helen and excused themselves for arriving late but they had been stuck in traffic and wanted to visit our store. As they walked the store, pointing at certain items, Helen came to the register and asked if we would be interested in an odd portrait they had. Hearing this, John firmly stated that it was not for sale and stormed out the door. Helen excused the situation, said that she would try to convince him and left.

Months later, Helen comes in with the old portrait ready to sell it. Not wanting to cause any marital problems, we asked if her husband had approved the sale. “He passed away last month”, she said. “I can no longer live alone with this portrait in my home. It makes me feel as if she is constantly judging me”.  So we bought the portrait because of its unusual sitter and the story Helen shared with us.

It was around 12 midnight that same evening when we hung it on our wall and I prepared to go to bed. I had not reached twilight sleep when I heard the doorbell ring. Given the time, I ignored it and try to fall asleep.

The next evening, I was working late preparing a display for the store and didn’t go to bed till after two. Once again, I am wakened by the sound of the doorbell ringing. This time, I decide to go answer it; there was no one there. I went around the building to see if I would find someone there and saw no one. In the morning, we checked the recording from our night vision camera and found that 15 minutes of recorded video was blank.

Ever since we bought the portrait, once every now and then, we still hear the doorbell ring, only to find there is no one there to the point that we now ignore.  Decide for yourselves: Is the ringing just faulty wiring or is Mr. Thorne announcing that he is here as he did when he first visited our store but this time, he is here to take his mother’s portrait back to its rightful place.